Thank you for your purchase. Your new robot will be arriving shortly, and we want to make sure the installation process goes as efficiently as possible. In the welcome letter you will find a checklist with tasks we ask you complete before a Service Engineer is schedule for start-up. This checklist will ensure your new robot is ready for our service team to commission. Please make sure ALL items are complete prior to the Service Engineer arriving in order to avoid additional start-up fees.
The press must be capable of running parts when the service tech arrives.
The pre-installation checklist along with a photo of mounted robot must be completed and emailed to or faxed to 216-767-5084 in order to schedule start up. Questions while preparing the robot for start-up can be directed to the same address. For scheduling purposes, we require at least 1-week advance notice prior to desired start-up date.
We thank you in advance for helping to provide the best possible service and support to your company by completing the pre-installation checklist. If you have any questions, please contact Absolute Robot Customer Support at 216-452-1000.

We look forward to working with you!
Absolute Robot Service Team

Here are some important documents to get you started with your new robot:

  1. Welcome Letter (to be returned to schedule startup)
  2. Power: 480V 3 phase (Amperage Chart);
  3. Air: 0.5MPa (60-90 psi) air line.
  4. Rigging information: ( A Series, B Series, C series)
  5. End of Arm Tool C axis mounting pattern
  6. Safety Manual (Contains bolt torque specs)
  7. Electrical Schematics (Absolute Encoders + STO, Absolute Encoders Only, Incremental Encoders)
  8. 2020 STO User Manual; Pre STO User Manual
  9. Request to Enter System

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